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800 days around the world

In 800 days around the world (multiple times)

The sage wanders about as he pleases and lives on whatever may come. Contentment ever dwells in his heart. And when the sun sets, he rests where he is. Ashtavakra Gita In November 2012 I had to move out of a loft at the Brewery artist colony in Los Angeles (here a recent article about it). I had loved living… Read more →

Who is “I”?

I seem to be a point of perception that collapses probabilities into actuality by means of observation. The probability fields that surround me seem to be archetypal (e.g. male/female, gravity, round planets), mental (in terms of thoughts I am likely to have), emotional (propensities around liking and not liking) and physical (genes and the body I am creating). Everything I… Read more →

A Multi-Solipsistic Manifesto

No matter which religious, spiritual, or materialistic idea ultimately holds true, the one and only thing I do know as a fact is that I seem to be here right now. With that, I acknowledge, that all my memories of the past and all my projections into the future are in my imagination. “I” seem(s) to be an immediate Point of Perception Read more →