INNOVATORS bring in the new.
They are leading the TRANSFORMATION

It can be a lonely place

That's why I am here to support you


Had a fantastic event in Los Angeles a couple of weeks ago, where we jumpstarted the FUTURE-READY NOW! international series. As we prepare our next adventure in Berlin later this month, below a short video with some highlights from the event.



On becoming a planet-patriot — a citizen of the future…

Twenty years ago today, I boarded an airplane from Stuttgart to Chicago. Twenty years ago I left my home in Germany and moved to the United States. Today marks 20 years of being an ex-patriot, or rather, a planet-patriot. Back then my father told me that I would get to choose one day if I wanted to be German or… Read more →


How I am preparing myself to be Future-Ready

We live in times of rapid change and complex uncertainty. How can one prepare and become future-ready? Before diving into that question. It behooves to ask: What future do I see coming? I would be a liar if I would say that I knew. Nobody knows what the future will look like. That said, I believe there are at least… Read more →