INNOVATORS bring in the new.
They are leading the TRANSFORMATION

what have you done for the planet lately?

Why concern yourself with Planetary Culture?

It is rare that I watch the news. There is a good reason for this strict media diet. Every time I do read or watch the news, I want to cry, scream, puke, throw something. How humans treat each other around the planet is absolutely pathetic. It is embarrassing. If aliens came down to visit this planet, my first instinct… Read more →


Who is “I”?

I seem to be a point of perception that collapses probabilities into actuality by means of observation. The probability fields that surround me seem to be archetypal (e.g. male/female, gravity, round planets), mental (in terms of thoughts I am likely to have), emotional (propensities around liking and not liking) and physical (genes and the body I am creating). Everything I… Read more →

Dantes Inferno

Meditation can make your life hell

“Man Describes How Meditating Made His Life Hell” – a catchy headline in a world where mindfulness meditation is beginning to get traction from Silicon Valley conferences to boardrooms, to the backrooms of churches somewhere in Bumblefuck, middle of nowhere. Of course, someone had to ride the “dark side” meme eventually. And yes: Meditation can make your life hell. The… Read more →

Musicians from Ethno India 2014

The Sounds of Planetary Culture

Imagine over 40 young musicians from 13 countries getting together in the foothills of the Himalayas to teach each other songs from their respective cultures and play them together. That is what I had the privilege of experiencing a couple of weeks ago: I went to Himachal Pradesh in the North of India to help my friend Barry Goldberg, an… Read more →