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It can be a lonely place

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Cracking Innovation Culture – Competencies for the Future

Why are some companies struggling with innovation while other thrive in an environment of rapid change and complex uncertainty? In our research and experience we found that — beyond clear purpose — organizational innovation capacity largely depends on cultural competencies and individual capacities. I have written before about frameworks for innovation and how ultimately Innovation starts with “i”: with the individual and their readiness to embrace… Read more →


The Lazy Man’s Guide to Enlightened Task Management

There is a saying that if you want something done, give it to a busy person. There is also a saying that if you want to get something done well, give it to a lazy person. Both have their merit. We have become more busy. We keep ourselves more busy. Instead of having managed to free ourselves from wage slaving,… Read more →

Life and Planetary Culture

A lovely short video my friends from Riazo in Bangalore made after my visit there last year.

Film Editing by Abhishek Maji for RIAZO Production & Curation Co.