A Multi-Solipsistic Manifesto


I seem to be here right now

No matter which religious, spiritual, or materialistic idea ultimately holds true, the one and only thing I do know as a fact is that I seem to be here right now. With that, I acknowledge, that all my memories of the past and all my projections into the future are in my imagination. “I” seem(s) to be an immediate Point of Perception (PoP).

You seem to be here right now

While I cannot prove to you that either one of us is actually here, I seem to be writing this, and you seem to be reading this. While there is no Turing test for consciousness, nor an effective zombie test, I give you the benefit of doubt, and assume that you, too, are real and an equally valid Point of Perception. I request the same of you.

Experience requires separation

For me to have the experience of writing this and for you to have the experience of reading this, and for any experience to actually be experienced, separation of Points of Perception seems required. While there would logically be an underlying unity, a oneness, of all existence, you and I need to be separate in order for us to have any experience. Within this separation, I realize that if my perception is accurate, there appears to be one universe and one biosphere. As such it would make sense for all of us to collaborate and aim to make each other’s experience as pleasant as possible.

Experience levels

From the level of Points of Perception, we are equals. Anything that appears to perceive would therefore have to be on the same level, of the same value, no matter what kind of bio-robot it appears to manifest in (plant, animal or human of any kind, let alone other possible life forms). It is indeed the diversity on levels below the Point of Perception that makes this life interesting.

Separation can be overcome

On the PoP level, there is “I” and apparent “Other”. In order for there to be experience, this is required. Experience unfolds in dualistic poles. If I remember that ultimately, there is a unity, I can choose to integrate “Other” in my definition of self, embrace the polarity and hold the whole spectrum. In actively doing so, I experience connectedness, love and belonging.

All transactions require agreement

Right now, in this transaction of writing and reading a text, we agree on many things, to begin with, the language and meaning of the symbols and words used to express these ideas. If we did not agree on these things or meaning thereof, we could not have this exchange. At the same time, this agreement is based on probability clusters. We seem to agree on our definition of terms, but even that is to be continuously refined.

An agreeable meaning

All this might seem obvious. If this was a starting point for our actions in this world, though, we would not face many of the atrocities committed every day in the name of noble goals. If we truly accept that we are separate and alone in our Point of Perception, and that we can never even begin to understand someone else’s, our actions would show it. We can strive for empathy and compassion, and as such, we need to start from common ground. I seem to be here right now, I like to feel good, I don’t like to feel bad. Sometimes I am afraid, alone; sometimes I feel confident and connected. I am interested in you because you are different. Through sharing with each other we can enhance our understanding of this world. Each one of us brings something to the table. Each one of us seems to be here to provide their piece to the puzzle. Due to the dualistic principle of experience described above, the universe is full of challenges. Challenges are opportunities for transformation.

How can you and I transform this world together?

…’cause why else would we be here?

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