Want to upgrade your Operating System?

Teaching both publicly as well as for organizations, in person and virtually, I hold workshops to help deepen the concepts I speak and advise on.

All workshops are a mixture of presentation and exercises so your team can explore and experience the concepts presented.

Some of the workshops I can customize for you:


  • Future Ready Now
  • Crafting a Culture of Innovation
  • Vital Innovation – 6 Memes to Transform your Organization
  • Beyond Marketing – Understanding and Crafting Culture
  • Business Models for Innovators
  • The Art of being an Artist
  • Holonic Intelligence – Activating the hidden capabilities of your team
  • 4th Brain Relating – The Imperative of Collaboration
  • Planetary Culture – Opportunities and Risks

Workshops are customized to your needs to ensure you receive full value from the presentation.
Prior to the workshop I interview key stakeholders in order to craft a bespoke sessions for your company integrating current initiatives within the organization, projects and your strategies.