It is obvious to any child that we are ONE humanity, that we live on ONE planet.

But our current systems don’t reflect that. They are legacy systems from times when we still lived in flatland rather than in a multi-dimensional world with pictures of earth from space.

We still bicker among nations, spend more money on weapons than on education and are facing major changes in our climate – at least in part caused by the pollution we are causing through unsustainable technologies and lifestyles.

This has to change if we wish to survive as a species.

A small group of people have already woken up to these facts, while the majority of humans still struggle with food, clothing and shelter every day.

We are facing the biggest challenge as humanity so far: building operating systems that support us as humanity globally while integrating with the rest of nature without causing harm.

We need a new Planetary Operating System. A system free of ideology and full of values that we can all embrace. A planetary culture where each individual is fully honored, and each individual has the opportunity to create a meaningful life and contribute to the whole at the same time.

I want to live in a world where anywhere in the world every newborn child is greeted with “hello, welcome to this life. We are not going to lie to you, there will be times when it sucks, there will be pain and suffering,  but we are here to support you, to help you develop into the best human you can be. We will teach you all we know and encourage you to teach us what you find out.

It would be a planetary operating system that would make us proud if someone from outside came to visit. A system where each human serves as a human prototype – using their life as an example of what it can mean to be a fully evolved human.

The task is enormous and daunting. It will require all of us to participate, to stand up as sovereigns citizens of this planet.  It can seem overwhelming, but so was crossing the big sea at some point, or turning tribes into nations. Now, we have to turn nations into one humanity with treasures to be cherished from each geographic and cultural region.

So let’s get started…