Everything changes all the time: in our personal lives, in our work environments, and in society as a whole.

  • Change is the gradual progression that occurs over time, from point A to B, from B to C, and so on to point F, step by step.
  • Transformation represents a quantum jump. It requires a death in point A before a new appearance in point F.

Similar to sailing across an ocean, there will be times when all you can see is the open water. No land in sight. The originating harbor far behind, the destination not yet visible. These are trying times.

It is in those moments that Innovators struggle the most. Their struggle is reflective of the struggle we face as a humanity as we move beyond national boundaries and into Planetary Culture.

This is where I can help Innovators by focusing them on the big picture, by putting events into context, and by providing support when it is needed most.

I inspire and introduce frameworks and operating metaphors through speaking, deepen concepts in workshops, and work with individual Innovators as an advisor.