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How I am preparing myself to be Future-Ready

We live in times of rapid change and complex uncertainty. How can one prepare and become future-ready? Before diving into that question. It behooves to ask: What future do I see coming? I would be a liar if I would say that I knew. Nobody knows what the future will look like. That said, I believe there are at least… Read more →

Thoughts on Narratives for the Future of Working

Why we need radically new stories to create the planetary culture we want to live and work in We define ourselves through stories. As individuals and as groups, as organizations, as nations and as humanity as a whole. Stories — and the archetypes invoked in them — serve as the foundation for how we operate. At the beginning of the 21st century we find… Read more →

It’s about the women and children

Note to self (and to men who care): We live in a yet another new age. An age where more than ever, it is about the women and children – both outside and inside of yourself. Love requires “Other” Whatever lifestyle you chose to live, and however you chose to practice this, a life full of meaningful experiences, a life… Read more →