A Framework for Self-Sustaining Innovation

Innovation leaders today don’t have an easy job. Tasked with bringing Innovation to their organization, they often face a variety of interpretations of innovation throughout the organization, a lack of comprehensive understanding of what innovation really entails, and what it requires to truly embed innovation in a way that it sustains itself. To equip innovation leaders with tools for communicating… Read more →



A brief overview with highlights from our FUTURE-READY NOW! workshop in Bangalore, India on October 24.

Wonderful participants and energy in the room. We are grateful for everyone who attended and made this workshop a success, including creating some tangible and actionable solutions.

More information at http://future-ready-now.io

Video Team:

Directed by Deepti Rao
Camera – Deepti & Dhruva
Sound – Chandan Kumar
Producer – Simar

Event Production – RIAZO – http://riazo.in



Had a fantastic event in Los Angeles a couple of weeks ago, where we jumpstarted the FUTURE-READY NOW! international series. As we prepare our next adventure in Berlin later this month, below a short video with some highlights from the event.


How I am preparing myself to be Future-Ready

We live in times of rapid change and complex uncertainty. How can one prepare and become future-ready? Before diving into that question. It behooves to ask: What future do I see coming? I would be a liar if I would say that I knew. Nobody knows what the future will look like. That said, I believe there are at least… Read more →

Thoughts on Narratives for the Future of Working

Why we need radically new stories to create the planetary culture we want to live and work in We define ourselves through stories. As individuals and as groups, as organizations, as nations and as humanity as a whole. Stories — and the archetypes invoked in them — serve as the foundation for how we operate. At the beginning of the 21st century we find… Read more →

transactional relating

From Transaction to Co-Evolution – Relating with Value

Everything has inherent worth. Value is created in interaction, when we relate with each other. Whether this occurs on a personal level or a professional level, our interactions with one another are what fuels our world. But how can we ensure all of our relating creates value? Let’s take a look at the different modes of relating… Transactional Relating Most interactions… Read more →

Happy Women’s Day

Today, we celebrate women. I am deeply grateful for the women in my life. From my mother, who received my father’s seed and gave me life, to the lovers and partners I have had, to all the women who – through their reflection and by example – taught me to be a better human. I cherish you and am eternally… Read more →