What’s keeping you from living your Purpose…

Reasons for not living your purpose and the life you want to live, and how you can overcome them. If you asked people about their lives, very few would say that they didn’t want to fully live their purpose. But even fewer would say that they are actually doing it. Why is that? Why do people want to live a life of purpose,… Read more →

How to start living your Purpose

Are you feeling the change coming? More and more people are waking up to the idea that life can be about more than survival or ever more refined consumption. Recent events like the shock and surprise of Brexit, the upcoming elections in the US, the loss of trust in our leaders, the increasing income inequality across the globe, and the growing… Read more →

YOU are in charge of our Planetary Future…

My last piece on Brexit and the Inevitability of Planetary Evolution ended by saying that our future is in your hands. So here a bit more on why I think you are the one the world has been waiting for… We are not victims of the future, but the ones called to create it… It is easy to abdicate responsibility… Read more →

Brexit and the Inevitability of Planetary Evolution

Yesterday, the British people decided to leave the European Union. The campaigns prior to the decision were fierce and deeply emotional. I wouldn’t pretend to know whether the decision made was “right” or “wrong”, “good” or “bad”, and generally believe that binary thinking like that belongs in the realm of emotions, not in rational discourse. “Like”/”Not like”, toward pleasure or… Read more →

Interview on “No Wonder You Were Afraid to Ask”

From the Interview: “Recently, I was blessed with the opportunity to hear Philip speak at a conference I attended on Innovation in Health Care. I was immediately captivated by his presentation, as he told the story of his journey, from an extremely intelligent and energetic child to a constantly soul-searching and highly self-aware teacher of others. His take on innovations… Read more →

Overcoming 3 Kinds of Resistance to Change

Overcome 3 Kinds of Resistance to Change Few things are more frustrating than leading innovation and encountering resistance to change in your team or departments connected to your initiative. You are here to move things forward, and instead of others seeing the promise of the future and joining you excitedly to create the next iteration of your company, you face lack… Read more →

Cracking Innovation Culture – Competencies for the Future

Why are some companies struggling with innovation while other thrive in an environment of rapid change and complex uncertainty? In our research and experience we found that — beyond clear purpose — organizational innovation capacity largely depends on cultural competencies and individual capacities. I have written before about frameworks for innovation and how ultimately Innovation starts with “i”: with the individual and their readiness to embrace… Read more →