INNOVATORS bring in the new:

CREATIVES – artists of all disciplines – question the current Cultural Operating System and create Memes for the future. ENTREPRENEURS innovate new ways of operating based on these visions, and introduce products and services to complement these Memes. CORPORATE CATALYSTS make new ways of operating functional and scalable and take them into the mainstream. NGOs and POLITICS administer and refine the resulting Cultural Operating System and EDUCATORS in turn imprint a new generation with the new way of operating.

As an Innovator you are on your own.

Having been an Innovator all my life, having had days of glory and having failed miserably many times, I relate to what it takes to bring in something new.

That’s why I now help other Innovators with operating metaphors and frameworks derived from bringing together perennial wisdom traditions, transformational psychology, and 21st century systems theory.

I inspire and introduce frameworks and operating metaphors through speaking, deepen concepts in workshops, and work with individual Innovators as an advisor.