When you are an Innovator, you are at the edge of evolution… and it can be a lonely place.

There are no templates and there is little or no guidance. It is easy to be overwhelmed and lose sight of the big picture.

It can be challenging to persist and not give up. Even if you persist, it is difficult to have meaningful measures of success. Many innovators suffer from rarely having a sense of accomplishment.

In addition, Innovators often struggle with a lack of resources and community to support them.

This is why I dedicated myself to inspiring and advising Innovators.

Using a mixture of 21st century systems thinking and perennial wisdom traditions I provide you with frameworks and operating metaphors that allow you to not just do your work, but have a meaningful context for it and build the relationships required to succeed.

As a trusted partner by your side, I am here to support you in your work.

Advising Innovators on:

  • advisingSeeing the Big Picture and putting things in Context
  • Structuring Projects
  • Developing Strategies for Execution
  • Understanding and implementing Business Models
  • Developing Systems for Operating
  • Consciously Crafting Culture (internal and external)